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Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to making a significant impact within our community by providing comprehensive training and assistance programs for both adults and youth. These programs focus on developing entrepreneurial and leadership skills, empowering individuals to succeed and contribute positively to society. Through our efforts, we aim to foster a culture of innovation and leadership that will drive long-term community growth and development.

Our Core Values


Pastor CeJay


Charles Edward Johnson is a licensed and ordained minister, Stellar Award-nominated radio announcer, and Shreveport Chamber of Commerce-recognized businessman. He leads one of the most prominent radio stations in the country, owns several small businesses, and oversees a nonprofit organization that has impacted thousands. We know him as Pastor CeJay, the Ark-La-Tex’s Ambassador of Gospel Music.

He believes in helping people reach their destiny; you have to meet people where they are. He’s an influential figure in the pulpit, radio, and music. His radio show is one of the top-rated in the south and has generated millions in revenue.

Our community is proud to know CeJay as a pastor, businessman, leader, and national figure in the gospel music industry.

Our Nonprofit
Board of Directors

Zazell Dudley

Board Chair

Director, Economic Development Caddo-Bossier Parish Port Commission CEO, Dudley Worldwide, LLC

Willie Bradford

Board Member

Former Shreveport City Council Member, District A Retired, Willis Knighton

Marilyn Jackson

Board Member
Director, Legal Shield / Small Business Owner

Aaron Bronson

Board Member

Executive Vice President, Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

Attorney Sybil Sloan

Board Member
Appellate Mediator, The EROC Group

Executive Management

LaToya Freneey

VP of Administration & Chief of Staff
OFFICE: 318-588-(SOUL) 7685 Ext. 800
CELL: 318-469-2656

Angela Roberson

VP of Revenue & Relationships
OFFICE: 318-588-SOUL (7685) Ext. 803
CELL: 318-458-8461


has centered around empowering adults and youth with the skills and resources to find independence and create opportunity for others.

Our Programs

We offer multiple programs for women and children and create partnerships to strengthen the community.

For Our Women

Empowering women and girls to advocate for themselves and one another creates opportunities that last for generations.

For Our Youth

We've established an initiative to connect black youth with the skills, mentors, and experiences they need to become high-performing entrepreneurs and technologists in the 21st-century global economy.

For Our Community

After the killings of Black Men and Women in America sprung out countless Black Lives Matter protest throughout the country. That brought up serious conversations regarding race relations in Northwest Louisiana.

Women of Massive Belief Program


The demands of life weigh on her from the moment she wakes up. There is always a need. She has untold potential, and you can help her unlock it. This program serves up to five women per year.

Impacting Women...

Empowered Women and Girls this Year.
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Women and Girls have been Trained since 2015.
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Local Communities Impacted.
Economic Empowerment

When a woman generates an income, it benefits her – the entire community profits. Through the training techniques below, we equip women to start and successfully operate their businesses. 

Family Health Empowerment

We train and educate women, including expectant mothers, in early childhood development, nutrition, health, hygiene, literacy, cooking, and even small-scale agriculture. 

Domestic Violence Program

This Program is designed to help women get out and start a new life. The program offers a safe environment for women and their children and assistance to help them become independent. We work hard to help women with financial aid, education, and job placement.   

Women of Worth Empowerment Luncheon

a luncheon where twelve women within the community are recognized for their achievement as women and placed on a twelve-month digital calendar to encourage other women and girls.



In society, there is a dramatic juxtaposition between the high unemployment of Black youth and the plethora of career opportunities within the local technology sector. To address this concern, we’ve established an initiative to connect black youth with the skills, mentors, and experiences they need to become high-performing entrepreneurs and technologists in the 21st-century global economy at C2. 

The FuelMan & Growing Into Respectable Ladies Programs

These Programs train and mentor African American male and female youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills to transform their lives and communities.  Both programs are 11-month educational programs for schools and communities to raise the next generation of leaders. Girls in this program 

Life Skills & Health

Those in these programs develop life skills and learn about culturally relevant issues like the ones listed below.    


Building A Business Training provides computer science, software development, and entrepreneurship training to 5th-grade students. 


This program is designed to help black single mothers with their sons for life. Young black males will be mentored on a weekly basis, helped with resources, and given holistic guidance to live productive lives. 

Eligibility: Black Females-Males / 5th Grade

Program Size: 8-10 Students Per Year

race relations

#CommUNITY365 Program

After the killings of Black Men and Women in America sprung out countless Black Lives Matter protest throughout the country. That brought up serious conversations regarding race relations in Northwest Louisiana. Because of that, we organized faith leaders, their congregations, and other community organizations together to help mobilize reconciliation within our community through building wholesome relationships, dialogue, and community service. 

CommUNITY365 Program is designed to bring people together beyond race, age, gender, and beliefs to work together to serve the community.


We need your help to continue empowering people and equipping them with the necessary resources to accomplish their goals in life.

Become a Mentor

C2 has various programs that require the support of vetted women and men to help shape the minds of our future. You can get involved by becoming a mentor with one of our program's participants today.

Connect Your Church

C2 resources and mobilizes congregations of all sizes to meet the needs in their community. Whether it’s organizing an event or sponsoring families in need, there are opportunities to work together and make a difference.

Give a Donation

We deeply believe that small, ongoing contributions to our programs help us provide the holistic care and support our programs' recipients need in order to thrive in their communities. Become a recurring donor today.

C2 is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. All donations are tax-deductible where allowed by law.

If you're writing checks, please make them payable to Charles Johnson Ministries and mail them to us. You can donate via CashApp at $CeJayCares You can create a private fundraiser for us by calling our office to schedule it. You can donate stock to our organization by calling or emailing us.


C2 provides the opportunity to volunteer by helping with one of our programs or events, providing needed items for one of our programs, and much more. Special volunteer opportunities ranging from one-hour sessions to all-day events are available..

Community Partner

Whether you represent a business, civic, service, or another nonprofit organization, C2 is here to help your organization express their hearts for helping people through our programs.

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Community Caregivers of Northwest Louisiana is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN: 99-0846236

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